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About our Candles

Love for high quality and true to life fragrances and commitment to totally green decor inspires us to bring to you finest quality fragrances from across the world. We make our candles from a unique blend of plant based wax (residues post edible oil extraction from different vegetable oil seeds) which is 100% paraffin free.

What makes our hand poured candles best suited for anyone concerned with health, healing and the environment? Our candles are made from natural wax, essential oils and high grade fragrance oils further these are made in recyclable containers, for packaging we use recycled paper, recycles cartons, cork sheets, and any other product which is environment friendly.  Each candle is skillfully hand poured with a lot of care and love to ensure best results and complete value for money!

About natural wax

Vegetable or Natural Wax or Plant wax is the residue post extraction of plant based oils from oil seeds such as sunflower, kokum, soya or palm.

For instance Soya Oil, the main ingredient, is derived from the seeds of soybean whereas for palm Oil, the main ingredient, is derived from the fruit bunches of the oil palm. The oil is heated under high pressure to separate the glycerin from the fatty acids. Next, the fatty acid component is combined with oxygen and distilled to create a flaked, hard, white wax, which has a beautiful crystalline structure. No harmful solvents or catalysts are necessary. Vegetable wax, has also become a popular alternative to paraffin, low melt point also assures longer burning time of this wax.

Plant wax burns clean compared to a paraffin wax candle without giving out any black soot or fumes, making the fumes safe to inhale especially when compared to paraffin wax candles. Low melting point of plant wax assures longer burning time and smooth aroma disbursal.

The slow and clean burning qualities of natural wax candles ensure best aroma disbursal for the essential oils or fragrance oil blends.

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